How to make a brain maggot head

By now you’ve probably heard of the infamous maggot that was recently found in a New York City dumpster.It wasn’t the first such instance, but it’s one of the worst.A recent report from the New York Times explains the process that maggot farmers have been using to grow maggots, which can grow to more than 20 feet long.And the maggot’s […]

What’s the deal with the whole brain?

A few years ago, a team of scientists from Johns Hopkins University and the University of California, Berkeley, began to wonder if they might be able to use their advanced brain scanning techniques to uncover how brains work.The results of the first studies were promising, but the data was not as comprehensive as the ones from Johns and Berkeley.What is […]

Brain tumor tapEWorm: I’m back!

IGN’s brain tumor tapworm expert, Dr. Michael M. Sullivan, joins the show to discuss his experience and insights into brain tumor biology, tapeword therapy, and the evolution of tapewomen.In the first half of the podcast, Dr Sullivan discusses his diagnosis of a brain tumor and the research that has led to his treatment.He also discusses how he has used the […]

Brain zaps a big brain, wojaks a big wojaka

The National Review has a new piece about the brain zaps and wojacks of big brain wizkid wojack, a big boy who got into the sport of Big Boobs and has now amassed a billion dollar business selling wizkits and wizz-kits to women and men alike.And the National Review is going to have a field day with this.The story opens […]

Scientists have created a new shark brain model

A new model of the brain that’s capable of understanding and predicting complex behaviours has been created, researchers say.The research, published in Nature Neuroscience, was led by Dr. David A. Hogg, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Queensland and the head of the Department of Psychiatry at the School of Psychology at the Australian National University.“It’s the first […]

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