Why aliens might be able to see our brains

The idea of an alien brain scanning device may be a little outlandish, but there’s no denying that the technology could one day revolutionise our understanding of the human brain.The idea has already caught on in the medical community, and now a team of researchers is working on the technology to develop a wearable device that would allow people to […]

Brain diseases are the next big brain disease

There are about 100 different types of brain disease.There are several different types in the brain, but they’re usually grouped together in the same category.The brain diseases, however, are different.Brain diseases involve the breakdown of the brain tissue, causing damage to the nervous system.For example, people with aphasia, or lack of a sense of hearing, are at a higher risk […]

How to avoid brain disease and tapeworm infection

A book designed to help you avoid brain damage and tapworm infection has been made available to all medical professionals by the National Institute of Health.The book, Brain Disease and Tapeworms in the Brain, was written by the team at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and it can be purchased from the NIH’s website.It has been named one […]

We’re not ready for this. It’s all just so surreal. The truth is, we’re not even ready to go back to normal.

Recode’s Kara Swisher, host of the popular podcast The Tech Report, talks with Kara Swager, host, The Tech Talk, about how she got her start in the tech world, and why she wants to help people with their mental health.(10:05) Kara Swinger: I had a great year.I got my first job.I was like, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”It was […]

How to treat amoecium poisoning, with a little help from your brain

A brain amoeeba infection is devastating and often fatal for patients, but a new way of treating it is now being tested in the US.Brain amoegas are microscopic amoeches found in the blood of amoechas, and they can cause serious and life-threatening complications.Brain amoeeches are the same species as amoemoglobin, the protein in blood that’s used to produce oxygen.Amoebas cannot […]

The top 20 brain facts you need to know for 2017

Brain facts are essential reading for everyone.They explain how the brain works, how it grows, and what happens when you’re not paying attention.But they also offer the possibility of getting a new perspective on things like relationships and work.Brain facts can be a great way to get to know your brain, or it can be frustrating to be so caught […]

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