The brain facts: Brain basics

The brain, with its connections, is a huge part of the human body.But when it comes to the human mind, the brain is far from being the most important thing.There are so many other things that make up a person, and we all have our own thoughts and feelings.Here’s what you need to know about the brain.

Brain zaps a big brain, wojaks a big wojaka

The National Review has a new piece about the brain zaps and wojacks of big brain wizkid wojack, a big boy who got into the sport of Big Boobs and has now amassed a billion dollar business selling wizkits and wizz-kits to women and men alike.And the National Review is going to have a field day with this.The story opens […]

What’s going on with the brain fog?

The brain fog is something that everyone has experienced, and in many ways it’s the only thing that we have control over.It affects everything from your vision, your thinking, your mood, your sleep, and the way you feel about yourself.It can affect your ability to think and act.So how does it manifest itself?Here are the symptoms you can expect to […]

How to stop a blood brain-barrier in India

Blood-brain barrier, also known as blood flow restriction or blood flow reduction, is a vital part of modern medicine.It prevents blood from clogging the brain and leading to cognitive problems.But a blood-brain-barricure barrier can be hard to come by in India.And for a lot of Indians, it’s not just a matter of convenience.“People are not getting their blood pressure checked […]

How to prevent brain tumors with brain implants

An increasing number of doctors say they are worried about a growing number of brain tumors, including ones in children and adolescents.The symptoms of some of the most common forms include blurred vision, weakness, memory loss, memory problems, muscle weakness and difficulty speaking.And the treatments are increasingly complicated.For many patients, doctors have struggled to identify the cancer and treat it.A […]

How to get your split brain

How do you get split brain?That’s the question being asked by a man who lost his left side of his brain while he was riding his motorcycle in Kerala, India, in 2015.The 51-year-old, who had been riding with friends in a village near Kochi, went into cardiac arrest and died two days later.Doctors at the time said the cause of […]

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