Enhanced Focus

Adderexin for Academic Performance:

Many companies today will not even consider a candidate for a position in their company without a Bachelor's Degree.  In fact, most of the high paying jobs in the workplace today require a Masters or PhD.  The pressure on students to perform at their absolute best in college has never been greater.  This means more competition on GPA's, more pressure for testing performance and ultimately a lot more studying. 

Adderexin helps you to "Unlock the Power of Your Mind."  You can learn faster and remember more.  This happens through the increase of acetylcholine in the Hippocampus where "learning" occurs.  Adderexin also supports an increase in neuroplasticity which is the process of forming new, short term and long term memories.  As the brain is able to function more effectively with increased neuromodular activity your relative ability to process what you are reading and retain this content drastically increases.


-Albert Einstein
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