Why I’m glad I’m not in the NRL

It’s been a tough year for the NRL, but I’ve finally found a way to ignore the grind.The league is looking to make some significant changes to its structure, which is in stark contrast to the pre-season trials and tribulations that have plagued the NRL for the past decade.The NRL will unveil a new structure and structure in its plans […]

How to make a pizza brain out – Part 2

I’m pretty sure I’m going to make my own pizza brain this time, which is why I’m taking you along for the ride. I’ve been tinkering with different pizza toppings over the last few weeks, and decided to go with a classic and delicious cheese pizza topping to go along with it. It’s the kind of pizza topping that you can eat […]

Brain zaps a big brain, wojaks a big wojaka

The National Review has a new piece about the brain zaps and wojacks of big brain wizkid wojack, a big boy who got into the sport of Big Boobs and has now amassed a billion dollar business selling wizkits and wizz-kits to women and men alike.And the National Review is going to have a field day with this.The story opens […]

Why are you brain bleed symptoms symptoms?

A woman was diagnosed with brain aneuries last week, according to the National Post.The woman had suffered from brain bleed symptom symptoms in the past and said she felt like she had a seizure at times.“The first time it happened was on the way to the hospital,” she told the newspaper.I just couldn’t move, I couldn’t think. “I felt so […]

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