Brain diseases are the next big brain disease

There are about 100 different types of brain disease.There are several different types in the brain, but they’re usually grouped together in the same category.The brain diseases, however, are different.Brain diseases involve the breakdown of the brain tissue, causing damage to the nervous system.For example, people with aphasia, or lack of a sense of hearing, are at a higher risk […]

How to recognize the male brain when you see one

A new study from Johns Hopkins University suggests that women might be less likely to recognize men’s brains when they see them.The new study suggests that the female-brain-scanning brain has more gray matter and less white matter.This may mean that women tend to underestimate male brains.But it also suggests that it’s possible to see the male-brain when we see it.That’s […]

Which brain tissue is safe for your next transplant?

You can buy organic brain tissue at health food stores.But organics are considered risky.You can’t get organic organics without first having a blood test, which is why it’s so important to have a doctor sign off on a transplant before you get your first brain transplant.But a new study has shown that organics can be safe, and the results are […]