How to ‘brain-dead’ converse with a dog

How to “brain-dumb” converse (or ‘brain dead’ as it’s known) with a friend or colleague, by a professional dog trainer.It’s not just for dogs that can’t talk, but even humans, and while we can’t actually see how their brains work, we do know how their thoughts work.For example, dogs’ brains don’t respond in the same way to stimuli as we […]

Google brain shunt brain candy and maggot brains

Google’s brain shunching is already popular, with the Google Brain Shunt brain-eating app getting millions of downloads and a slew of brain-related news sites covering the news.Now, Google has added a second feature: Brain Shunting.The app was designed to allow users to shunt their brain signals, so their brains don’t show up on Google Maps, and to give users more […]

How to avoid brain fog

The brain fog of war and its attendant symptoms can make it difficult to comprehend the magnitude of the threat or the extent of your loss.But even though you may be more aware of it than you think, you may still be too focused on the details of the battle to appreciate the true nature of your situation.As a general […]

Which brain tumour is worse? – ABC News

Brain tumours can cause serious damage, but it is more common to have brain tumors that can be controlled.The latest data shows that almost one in five people with brain tumours have one or more of these tumours in the brain.If you’re wondering why the odds are against you surviving a brain tumorous attack, it’s because there are so many […]