How brain training can help you get through the worst of nightmares

By: Brian K. VaughanBrian K. VaughnA new research paper from UC Berkeley researchers describes how using brain training techniques can help people overcome nightmares and boost their creativity.The study, “Cthulhu’s Brain: Brain Training Techniques for Boosting Creativity,” was published in the journal PLOS ONE.“Creativity is an essential human need, and for many people, it is tied to their ability to […]

Brain maps for the brain that don’t exist

Researchers in the United States and Germany have created a 3D brain map of the brain’s cortex that doesn’t exist.The researchers hope it could be used to create virtual reality or augmented reality environments, as well as help people with epilepsy and autism.“There’s not much information on the human brain,” Dr. Sebastian Nieber of the University of Zurich in Switzerland […]