What you need to know about human brain chemistry

It is possible that, like all living creatures, humans have a complex brain, a brain that plays a central role in shaping our lives and decisions.But unlike animals, we do not have a complete genome, so it is impossible to know for certain what this brain is like.The Human Brain Project has been able to make some remarkable discoveries in […]

Why we crave protein and carbohydrates – talkSport

It’s hard to believe but I know the reason I’m craving protein and carbs now.I’m a big fan of the Paleo diet, but it’s not just about protein.My eating habits have been influenced by the brain.This article is not about the brain but about what the brain does.The brain, like all of our organs, processes information and has to store […]

Why aliens might be able to see our brains

The idea of an alien brain scanning device may be a little outlandish, but there’s no denying that the technology could one day revolutionise our understanding of the human brain.The idea has already caught on in the medical community, and now a team of researchers is working on the technology to develop a wearable device that would allow people to […]

Brain damage linked to stroke in CTE

CTE is a stroke that occurs when the blood vessels in the brain become blocked.Symptoms include loss of consciousness, dizziness, muscle spasms and coma.CTE can also cause permanent damage to the brain, which can result in permanent disability or death.¬†Researchers from the University of Washington in Seattle found a significant link between CTE and cognitive impairment.¬†In a study published in […]

How brain training can help you get through the worst of nightmares

By: Brian K. VaughanBrian K. VaughnA new research paper from UC Berkeley researchers describes how using brain training techniques can help people overcome nightmares and boost their creativity.The study, “Cthulhu’s Brain: Brain Training Techniques for Boosting Creativity,” was published in the journal PLOS ONE.“Creativity is an essential human need, and for many people, it is tied to their ability to […]

How to eat brains in five easy steps

The brain is the most complex organ in the body, and it is often thought of as the epitome of complexity.That is why eating brains is a huge challenge for people with mental disorders.Here’s how to eat them without going overboard.1.Wash your hands thoroughly before you put them in the freezer2.Wash a slice of brain into a bowl or bowl […]

How to tell if you’re brain dead

The Irish health system is struggling to deal with the massive increase in people suffering from brain-deadness, with a record number of people in hospitals and nursing homes suffering from symptoms of the disease.In recent weeks, there have been more than 60,000 cases of brain-disease sufferers in the Republic, with more than 8,000 deaths.The latest statistics show there are now […]

Why I’m glad I’m not in the NRL

It’s been a tough year for the NRL, but I’ve finally found a way to ignore the grind.The league is looking to make some significant changes to its structure, which is in stark contrast to the pre-season trials and tribulations that have plagued the NRL for the past decade.The NRL will unveil a new structure and structure in its plans […]

How to stop brain coral bleaching

Scientists have discovered a new compound in rice that prevents brain coral from bleaching.The discovery is significant because it has been known since 2012 that the coral is highly susceptible to bleaching, but scientists had no way to test for the substance before.Rice researcher Marisa Tamai said she and her colleagues tested rice samples from a few farms in southern […]