What we know about the new meme surrounding David Cameron’s brain-stomping face

What we know about the new meme surrounding David Cameron’s brain-stomping face

When David Cameron appeared on the big screen in a cartoon with the words “Brain Stomp” inked on his face, the response from people was not the sort of “I know you like it” that most of us would expect from a political figure.

Instead, the memes were much more about Cameron’s political future than his health.

A new meme on Twitter, which is trending on Twitter and other social media sites, is all about the future of the Conservative Party.

The meme, created by a number of Twitter users, refers to the “Brain Stuff” slogan of the former prime minister’s leadership campaign.

Cameron has used the slogan since 2011, but the phrase has been rebranded since then, as well as its political meaning.

A recent report by the Independent newspaper suggested that the phrase may have been changed in response to the Brexit vote.

In the event of a “hard Brexit”, the phrase “the brain of the British people” would replace the word “brain” in front of the phrase.

One of the new tweets uses the hashtag #BrainStomp, referring to the slogan, and the caption says: “You don’t have to be a brain-dead person to feel empathy for Cameron’s face.”

One user, @The_D_Facts, tweeted that the meme was created by @london-girl, a former Conservative Party member, and said that the slogan was “a big hit” with the group.

“They have also been spreading the slogan to people across the UK, so if you are in a city that’s not as good as London and you can’t make it to a meeting you can say it on your way home,” she wrote.

“This is a great way for people to get involved and say ‘I want to be part of this and have a say in what happens to the future’.” A number of people on Twitter were more than pleased with the new slogan.

@joe_vickers tweeted: “David Cameron should be proud of his brain stomps.”

Another user, the Twitter user @cjn, tweeted: “@CameronPOTUS should be pleased with his brain taunts.

I don’t know if it’s a new slogan or just an ad campaign, but it’s working.”

A second tweet said: “@cameronPacts face is an iconic meme.”

The new #Brain Stuff meme has been trending on Facebook and Twitter since Thursday, and was first noticed by BuzzFeed UK.

Several users on Twitter have since said that they found it funny, and have started to share the meme with their followers.

A number of other people have tweeted a link to the meme to other people.

While some people have suggested that it’s satire, others have criticised the use of the slogan.

Twitter users have also responded to the new campaign, with some saying that it was the wrong use of words to make people feel bad about Cameron.

However, some have also used the phrase to mock the Conservatives.

It is unclear if the new #brainstuff campaign is being promoted by the Conservative party.

But the slogan is definitely a hit.