CTV News: ‘A lot of people’ were surprised to learn about brain scans for brain tumours

CTV News: ‘A lot of people’ were surprised to learn about brain scans for brain tumours

A lot of Canadians are not taking the latest news in the brain scans field with the same level of enthusiasm they have for the flu.

And with that comes some questions about whether this technology has the potential to be used for clinical applications.

“A lot people are surprised that a lot of these scans will show brain damage,” said Dr. Scott H. Cote, chief executive officer of Neurotoxicology Research Institute, a research organization based in Ottawa.

“I think a lot people assume that these are scans of brain activity that you would see in people who are experiencing a brain injury, but I think a brain scan that is going to be able to identify and treat those people will be far better for them than an imaging scan of a normal brain.”

A brain scan is the act of taking a small amount of blood from a subject’s brain and passing it through a small piece of tissue that contains the brain’s neurons.

The tissue is then put back in the subject’s blood stream, where the brain cells are destroyed.

The brain is then scanned to determine how well a person is functioning.

In the United States, there are several different kinds of brain scans, including PET scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and CT scans.

PET scans can be done in a lab, while MRI scans are performed by using a computer.

A CT scan is an MRI scan that looks at the brain using a beam of light.

The more advanced scans are usually done in hospitals, where doctors can take a person’s blood and examine the brain.

The scans are used to determine if there is damage or if there’s something else that needs to be addressed in a person.

While brain scans are relatively new in the world of brain research, they have been used to help determine the causes of brain disease, and also to detect brain damage and the progression of the disease.

A lot has been made of the potential of PET scans for diagnosing brain injury in the past, but the Canadian Medical Association has cautioned against using them in the first place.”PET is not an accurate test of brain function,” said Michael M. Baskin, executive director of the CMA’s Brain Imaging and Imaging Research Council.

“It doesn’t provide information about brain function that is predictive of brain damage.

The best we can do is provide a description of brain functioning.”

According to the CMEA, the brain is the smallest organ in the body, and there are approximately 100,000,000 cells in the human brain.

In addition, there is a very high level of genetic variation in the brains of the brains, and this genetic variation is associated with various brain abnormalities.

There is no cure for brain damage, but some therapies may be able help people with some of the problems associated with brain injury.

Dr. Robert J. Brown, director of neurosurgery at the University of Toronto Medical School, said that it’s possible that a treatment might improve some of these symptoms.

“One possibility would be that using this kind of brain imaging technology might be able improve symptoms of the underlying neurodegenerative diseases,” said Brown.

“What we are hoping to do is to identify a subset of these patients and then get them on a treatment that might improve their symptoms.”

While there are some benefits to using brain scans to identify brain damage in the developing brain, there’s a risk associated with using them.

For instance, there has been a lot less research on using PET scans in treating people with epilepsy, and the risk associated has not been taken into account.

Dr. Cotes said that while there is some evidence that brain scans might be useful for treating epilepsy, it’s still too early to tell if these scans can also help people develop Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other types of dementia.

“There are some interesting studies, but at the moment there is not enough research that we can say definitively that PET scans are going to help people who have these types of conditions,” he said.

“We have a lot to learn in this area, and I think it is important to start looking at PET scans as a treatment, because it’s the only treatment that we have right now.”

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