What is the Brain Stem Function?

What is the Brain Stem Function?

The brain is a complex organ with many functions that are involved in communication, emotion, and cognition.

But while we can understand some of the brain’s basic functions, there are still a few things that we don’t fully understand, and scientists have long suspected that the brain is not entirely simple.

This is where the “brain stem” comes in.

It’s the part of the body that controls the brain, which includes the cortex, which is the innermost layer of the cortex.

The brainstem is made up of nerve cells, which connect to the brain stem.

A cell is a part of a group of cells called a nucleus.

Nuclei contain all of the information about a cell.

The neurons in the brain are connected to the rest of the neurons in different parts of the structure.

For example, the neurons connected to one part of your brain can also be connected to parts of your body, which in turn are connected together.

For many years, scientists have been trying to figure out how the brain works, and they’ve been discovering new functions of the entire structure.

It turns out that the human brain contains more than a million neurons, which collectively control hundreds of different regions of the cell body.

The cells also contain specialized receptors that control their actions.

The researchers have found that neurons are also able to respond to certain chemicals called neurotransmitters.

The scientists have found out that there are two types of neurons, called “alpha” and “beta” neurons.

Alpha neurons are able to detect certain chemicals and the neurons will produce the chemical.

Beta neurons are only able to sense certain chemicals that come from the environment.

The two types also have different amounts of neurons.

The “alpha neurons” are the ones that control specific things.

They are more sensitive and can respond faster, and the “beta neurons” have fewer neurons that are able see certain chemical changes.

For instance, a person who has a high level of alpha neurons might be able to see chemicals that are more intense, which may be beneficial to them, but also may be harmful to others.

It has been shown that certain chemicals affect the amount of alpha cells in the body.

When a person has a higher level of beta neurons, the chemicals that cause a person to feel good can actually be harmful.

For this reason, scientists believe that the chemicals in the environment can have a role in determining the activity of the human body.

However, this process is not complete, and we still don’t know how the chemicals work in the human cell.

Scientists are now looking at some new findings that suggest that the alpha and beta neurons play a key role in how the human organ works.

The research group has found that the activity in these two types depends on the amount that the person is exposed to, which might mean that these neurons can play a role.

This discovery could mean that the function of these cells is not completely clear, and this could mean an explanation for the difference in brain function between humans and other animals.

For more information, please visit the Wikipedia article on the “Brain Stem” article.

The Science of the Brain article The scientific literature is full of papers on the brain.

Scientists have been studying the structure of the neural networks of humans for more than 200 years.

But the question remains: why do we have these specific, specialized neural pathways that we use to process certain information?

It turns the scientific community into a little bit of a science whiz.

The answer to this question is not hard to find.

The main source of information in the world is in the brains of our ancestors, who lived in the same geographical region and in the exact same climate conditions.

These ancient humans lived for about 100,000 to 60,000 years and were probably very similar in their cognitive abilities and their physical characteristics.

The only difference between them was that the ancestral humans had evolved a different brain structure that had evolved over time.

These new brains had different receptors that allowed them to respond differently to different kinds of chemicals and also different types of stimuli.

They also had different brain activity patterns.

These differences led to the differences in how we think about what is happening in our brain, and their discovery has led to some fascinating discoveries.

For one, we can now identify specific genes that affect how we process information in our brains, and it is believed that these genes play a large role in the development of our minds.

It was also discovered that a specific gene in the hippocampus that controls how long we can hold information has also been linked to different types and types of problems, and in particular, a specific pattern of behavior.

There is evidence that we also use the same genetic changes for different types, and that these genetic changes have an impact on how we function in different environments.

The genetic change in the regions of our brains that control our behavior and memory are believed to be responsible for the many different types that are observed in humans.

In the future, researchers will be able do experiments to measure

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