Kick-starting new brain-computer interface research

Kick-starting new brain-computer interface research

Football Italian can reveal a new type of brain-imaging technology that is being developed by the Italian team in preparation for the upcoming World Cup in 2019.

According to the club’s research, the current brain-scanning technology could be used to improve the performance of the squad.

“We are planning to introduce a new technology for the use of the head of the team to detect brain injuries.

This technology will be integrated with the training data and will improve the team’s ability to fight for every game,” said Carlo Calcio, director of football research and development.”

This technology is based on a scanning technology that has been developed in cooperation with the Italian Institute of Neurological Sciences (INMS).

This technology allows us to analyse the brain function in a way that is completely independent of the individual.””

The aim of this technology is to improve players’ performances in football, and to also reduce the risk of injury,” he added.

The development of the technology involves scanning the entire brain with a 3D head-mounted display (HMD) to detect and diagnose the extent of brain damage and to assess its rehabilitation.

The HMD displays are mounted on the team bus.

The brain-injured players receive an electronic brain scan during the training session.

This image shows the head-worn display on the bus of Juventus.

The image was taken by Gianluca Guarascio during the team training session for the Champions League group stage match against Bayer Leverkusen on Wednesday.

The head-scan technology, developed by INMS, is expected to improve both the team and the player’s mental and physical fitness.

According the research, this technology will enable the team players to better detect the extent and extent of the brain injury, and the recovery of their brain function.

“With the help of this imaging technology, we hope to give a better sense of the physical condition of our players,” explained Calciano.

This technology could also be used for a number of other purposes, such as the rehabilitation of injured players, and during the pre-season.

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