The big brain is back! Source: RTÉ 2

The big brain is back! Source: RTÉ 2

The big question is, why do people believe it?

I have never understood why people believe that they can be brain-free after all these years.

I have also never understood how it is that when someone dies, they are taken away from their body, and then the body is put on display for a few hours or days.

The big thing I have noticed is that, for a lot of people, this is a very traumatic event.

They have experienced it.

It is traumatic and upsetting, and they need to be with family and friends to deal with it.

The main thing is that people need to know what to do.

This is a big problem.

The problem is, people who do this don’t understand what the consequences are.

They don’t know what it is they’re doing.

They’re not looking at what’s happening to them and thinking, “Oh, I could die tomorrow.”

They’re just going about their business.

It’s traumatic for everyone involved.

I do believe that this can be fixed.

I think there are ways in which we can take a different approach.

I believe there are two areas where we can address this issue.

The first area is in the form of education and support, in particular to young people.

There are lots of things that can be done in terms of educating young people about the consequences of brain damage.

I don’t think it’s fair that, if you’re a kid, you’re put in this situation where you are going to have to suffer.

The other area of education is to look at how people think about their own brain health.

We have to recognise that there are many ways in a young person’s life where they can have a life outside of the body.

For instance, I don to know how many times people have thought about suicide or contemplated suicide.

There is also the issue of addiction, which can be a very serious issue.

I see the issue all the time when people think, “What’s the harm in taking drugs?

What’s the good in taking them?”

There is an assumption that if you take drugs, you’ll get a better outcome.

This can be an unrealistic expectation.

In fact, the opposite is true.

There’s research that shows that, once you take a drug, you will have a more negative outcome.

So, in the long term, we need to look more at the positive outcomes that people can get from the drugs that they take.

The fact that we’re not making the same progress in this area that we’ve made in the area of addiction is an example of why it’s important to look beyond the simplistic.

The second area that needs to be addressed is in relation to the stigma attached to people who have a brain problem.

There were some years ago when people said that people with a brain injury, they were stigmatised.

This was very negative, and people had to find a way to deal.

Now, we have the ability to change that, and it’s very much a case of understanding the different aspects of brain injury.

I would say that it is the stigma that’s holding back progress.

It may have to do with a sense of entitlement, a sense that it’s a “special” disease, a “cure”, a “miracle” or some other nonsense.

There have been some people who had a brain issue, but they had to take care of their brain and deal with the consequences.

There was a time when they were able to do this.

Now they can’t.

I know that’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’s something we need in the next generation, and that’s the way to go.

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