Brain Computer Interface Gets $50M at CinemaCon 2018

Brain Computer Interface Gets $50M at CinemaCon 2018

CINEMA CON 2018: An event to bring you all things film, television, and entertainment in the Bay Area, including the world premiere of the new season of THE VOICE with star Paul Scheer.CINEMA SUMMER 2019: A celebration of film, TV, and other media in the Golden State with the 2018 edition of THE FALLING, the 2019 edition of BEAUTIFUL BEAUTY, and the 2019 premiere of BEYOND.CUTTING-Edge Technology: From cutting edge to cutting-edge, cutting edge cinema technology with the latest cutting edge motion capture.

Cinephilia & Beyond: A New Generation of Cinema, the film-on-demand network that is redefining the industry with its exclusive theatrical streaming service,CINEPHILIA.

The latest news and exclusive previews of films and TV shows at this year’s event will be shown on CINEPHILEXNOW, which has a subscription-based service that includes a wide range of content.

In addition, CINEPLACE is now available to watch and download movies and TV episodes on any device including Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV Stick, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Android TV.

For more information on CINAPOLIS 2018, please visit www.cinamiami.com.

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