Brain tumor types among the highest among states

The number of Americans diagnosed with a brain tumor has risen by more than 1,100 since 2015, according to the National Institutes of Health. More than one-third of those cases were diagnosed in 2016, a nearly double the rate from the previous year. The number of adults diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme in 2016 jumped from 14,942 to 17,871. That rate is nearly double […]

How to get your brain to explode without brain damage

Brain damage causes many brain injuries, but it can also cause a whole host of other problems.For example, when your brain goes into an epileptic state, it can cause a wide range of brain injuries including damage to the optic nerves, damaged memory and concentration, and seizures.These are all very serious, and can be life-threatening.Here’s how to get yourself out […]

The Mind-Bending Puzzle Puzzle of Brain Synonym

By now, you’re probably familiar with the brain cross section puzzle.It’s a puzzle where you have to connect the dots between two adjacent dots to figure out which one they are.There’s also a brain synonym puzzle.But what if you’re looking for a brain cross-section puzzle that’s as hard to solve as its brain synonyms?Brain cross-sections are basically one big brain, […]

Why Trump is right about the FBI’s probe of him

When it comes to FBI probes, there’s nothing worse than a bad man in charge, and it seems as though Trump was right when he asserted that the investigation into him was an “open and shut” one.This week, he was confronted with the facts on Capitol Hill, and he was right.The FBI is investigating whether Trump committed obstruction of justice […]

What is deep brain stimulation?

Brain stimulation is the term used to describe the use of electrical stimulation to stimulate the brain.It is widely used in many countries to treat various conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, but it is also used to treat epilepsy and brain trauma.It involves stimulating areas of the brain that are vital for controlling impulses, including the cerebellum, a part of the […]

Brain infection, brain abscess: Experts advise wearing gloves

The brain is a delicate organ, and it’s important to be prepared to take the next step in treatment, said Dr. Joseph Ochs, director of the Center for Neurology at Columbia University Medical Center.Ochs also noted that the brain’s surface area can increase after a surgery or trauma.“When the brain gets damaged, it can become more susceptible to infections,” he […]

How to get your brain back after surgery

If you’ve suffered from a brain lesion, you might be wondering how to get it removed.In an article published this week, doctors explained the procedure, including the complications.1.Your brain is a living organism, not a computer2.You need to be alive to take part3.You have to have a good surgeon4.You’ll need to do surgery yourself5.The surgery requires a lot of time […]

How to Get Your Big Brain Time Now!

Brain aneuries can be life-threatening, but with proper care and treatment, they can be the life of the party.Brain Aneurysms can be painful and often require surgery.But thanks to our brave new world, we can get the best surgery experience possible for our brain!Brain Aneuysms are not as common as heart or lung cancers, and surgery is typically very simple.This […]